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There are those who are born to create beautiful environments... It is a gift to be shared!

About Me

I have owned my own business for 24 years;  but combined with my prior experience, I have spent 34 years in the industry. 
Construction specification and planning are my specialty.  With nine Parade of Homes in my portfolio, and multitudes of homes both in- and out-of-state, I have received awards and have been published in various local and national publications.  These include: 

               Colorado Homes and Lifestyles,
               Mountain Home Living ,
               Log Home Living
               Showhomes International, and
               The New York Times.    
​​My first love is new-construction detail and specification.  I thrive on working with homeowners, builders, and architects to specify the proper materials to be used in the construction of a new home, focusing on the architectural details. If those elements are chosen correctly, everything in the design falls into place, and then the appropriate furnishings are chosen.
I also do exterior design, because the elements chosen for the exterior should be repeated inside the home for cohesiveness. 
For the interior, I work on every element, including cabinetry, fireplaces, flooring, tile, lighting, interior trim details, hoods, stair components, wall surfaces and textures, hardware, and bath fixtures.  The details of each element are coordinated with the builder and his team.   I recommend the elements that will make each project/property unique. 


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If the background is chosen properly, the furnishings become like well-appointed jewelry on the perfect, black dress.  The effect is beautiful and minimal...